Hella Tsaconas


Hella Tsaconas is a queer writer and thinker. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Gender Studies from the University of Southern California and a master’s of philosophy in Performance Studies from New York University, where her research spanned performance art, feminism, elite sport, and post-industrial fitness cultures in order to examine the moralization and privatization of personal health and hygiene within neoliberal governance. 

Hella has worked in academic publishing as the managing editor of Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory and as an educator, teaching radical history and social studies to elementary children in a Montessori environment.

She has been involved in LGBTQ+ community building since adolescence; most recently in gathering and distributing resources for family creation, queer parenting practices, and legal protections.

These days, Hella is channeling her creative and organizing energies into  launching and building Queer Athens