Be a part of Queer history

We are driven to share stories from a broad swath of queer community in all its diversity. To this end, we are seeking interview subjects from a broad array of class, race, cultural, religious, regional, and educational backgrounds. We’re looking to hear stories – and produce episodes – about:

  • Living in the closet
  • Self Discovery
  • Coming out
  • Families of Origin
  • Dating and relationships
  • Art making
  • Trans medical access
  • Aids Activism & Living with HIV
  • Legal reforms
  • Queer friendships and community
  • Violence and hate crimes
  • Kaliarda
  • Parenting and family-building
  • Political organizing and advocacy
  • … and many, many more topics!

In its first season, Queer Athens hopes to focus on sharing the stories of earlier generations of queer activists, artists, and culture-makers in and beyond Athens.

If you want to share your story, we want to hear from you. If you’re not sure your story fits our project, we still want to hear from you! And, if you have something to share that’s a little sensitive, or you don’t want your name and voice to appear on the show for whatever reason, we’re happy to share your story in a fully anonymous fashion.


The Queer Athens podcast is a non-lucrative project run by dedicated volunteers.
If you have time and skills to contribute, please write to us.

We’re especially looking for people with experience in:

  • Portrait Photography
  • Videography
  • Musical Composition
  • Publicity & Marketing
  • Greek/English Interpretation & Translation
  • Sound Mixing & Audio Editing


About Queer Athens

Queer Athens isn’t just a podcast; it’s a grassroots oral history project. Our episodes share and circulate stories of political activism and queer livelihoods within the Greek LGBTQ+ community and they serve as a starting place for potential allies who looking to educate themselves about LGBTQ+ issues for the first time.